New Story Accepted

The Irish literary magazine, The Stinging Fly, has accepted one of my stories. The guest editor is Mia Gallagher and the edition is themed Fear& Fantasy. Not quite sure when publication will be just yet, but I’m feeling pleased and honoured right now. Stinging Fly is a prestigious publication based in Dublin, with many illustrious contributors.

Ted Hughes Biography

Reading the new Ted Hughes biography, I can’t help but feel compassion for all those drawn into the Plath/Hughes story: the children Frieda and Nicholas, Assia ( the ‘other woman’), Olwyn, Aurelia Plath, and so on. Each is assigned a part in the story  however untrue or distorted, and they have little say. And we, the reading public, are invited to be opinionated experts on the domestic arrangements, and to dispense harsh judgments from out ringside seats.